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Find the perfect fit

use our size guide to find a fit that best suits you!

Sizes are considered to be true to size (TTS).

Charts below areaveraged within 0.5"-1"as some products are a relaxed fit. 

Caring for your items

don’t let the laundry be your enemy!

although embroidered to last, be sure to follow our care instructions to extend the lifespan of your items

+ turn inside out

+ machine wash cold

+ do NOT dry clean

+ do NOT iron directly on design

+ do NOT tumble dry

+ do NOT bleach



Browse answers to our most frequently asked questions!

What size should I order? 

Our shirts and crewnecks are Unisex sizing. Take a look at our size guide to find the best fit for you. I would say it runs fairly true to size (TTS). Personally, I like to size up for the perfect oversized fit. Not too long, not too wide, but just right! 


Can I cancel my order?

Order cancellations will be evaluated case by case. If you are looking to cancel your order, please use our Contact Us form to submit a request. This request must be submitted within 10 minutes of placing your order.


What items are customizable?

Each item that is customizable will be tagged as “customizable” or “personalized”! It also varies from fully customized (blank items) to minimal personalization (thread color options on a set design). Not every item will have that option so keep a look out! Hopefully soon we will be adding some blanks for you to customize to your own liking!

We now offer custom orders for your business needs! Please check out our Custom Order page for more info!


When will I get my item?

We do our best to fulfill orders as soon as possible. Processing times vary depending on the volume of orders. Average processing time is 5-9 business days from receiving the order to having packaged. Shipping will be selected by you for your preferred shipping transit time! Please consider that our shop is based out of Phoenix, AZ as you select your shipping option if you’re in a rush!

PRE-ORDERS are about 2-3 weeks for shipping!


Do you accept returns?

Head over to our Return Policy to find out more!


If an item is “out of stock” will there be a restock?

A restock varies between items. Some will only be available until sold out. Others will be restocked throughout the year. It is recommended to check frequently for restocks, keep up to date on our Instagram page or sign up for restock emails, if applicable!


Why Chelsea Made Co.?

 Just as our story has brought light to a dark world, we wanted the name to hold its meaning. I, Chelsea, was called and qualified to serve a greater purpose in this life by the Lord. A loving and caring wife to an honorable and devoted husband. It is a glimpse of how our trial was turned into triumph! I was made and created for such a time as this. By the faithfulness and grace of God, we were able to make the best out of our situation! And each item is created and embroidered with my true love for it. So comes along the name Chelsea Made Co. To read more about our story, head over to our About Us page; where you can also find our social media pages to stay up to date on our miraculous journey to recovery.

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